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Our Team

Our Team

Arie Yuffa

Main Author / Developer

Arie Yuffa is a Dental Surgeon, Sedationist and Specialty Doctor in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. He has over 6 years experience within the specialty and has worked in several units across the West Midlands. In 2012 he started to develop this project to help and provide useful information to junior doctors starting their path in Maxillofacial Surgery or DCT trainees. In 2014 he presented this project to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham where he obtained great support until in 2015 was finally published as a mobile app.

Ashish Jain

CEO Hexims IT

Work in progress

Johno Breeze

Author / Developer

Major Johno Breeze is a registrar in Maxillofacial surgery based at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. He is the editor of the Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps, the UK's military medical journal and has deployed to Bosnia and Afghanistan. His research interests centre around the optimisation of body armour and the development of new methods of personal protection against ballistic threats. Mr Breeze is interested in the development of electronic tools to assist junior doctors including methods of instant communication. He has been involved with the development of this App for oral and Maxillofacial surgery junior doctors from early on in its inception and has been pushing for its formal recognition by the West Midlands deanery.